Your Guide to Wholeness

Like other Starseeds, Christina Cowherd looks at life differently. As a survivor of a violently abusive childhood, she called on her healing abilities early in life to find inner peace and the strength to follow her calling as a guide for others. That calling set her on an unexpected path of building business expertise in a variety of industries while engaging in deep study of the transformative capacity of the light body and for transmuting trauma into wholeness.

The journey to healing her own trauma, then later, to find grace as a mother to two special needs daughters, Christina offers a compassionate lens for working with others. Her business and coaching experience gives her a real-world perspective into the challenges and stresses of everyday living.

As a healer, Christina specializes in transmuting energy, vibration, and frequency, enabling her clients along with their home, property, business and animals, to feel as though a significant weight has been lifted, enjoying a new sense of belonging and purpose.

Christina has a large and diverse skill set that includes coaching, healing, cleansing and holding space for sacred ceremony. Christina coaches and teaches clients how to heal themselves and others. Sharing her hard-earned gift of claircognizance (ability to intuitively know) and a deep connection to the Source healing energy, people of all walks of life have benefitted from her unlimited tool-chest of techniques and perspectives. By using these tools, clients have discovered new insights and experienced much-welcomed epiphanies. Through the work, her clients find a sense of renewal and connection they’ve been craving for years.

If you are feeling disconnected, rejected or misunderstood, sad, lonely, or lacking an overall sense of belonging Christina knows how to help you “innerstand”. She will take you on a journey to heal and harness your power to discover your purpose to live an unlimited, conscious, fulfilling, and Divinely-inspired life.